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Project SUCCESS Program

Project SUCCESS (School Using Coordinated Community Efforts to Strengthen Students) utilizes a combination of interventions, which have been designed to address the unique needs of the alternative school population as well as regular secondary schools. There are five programs components, as illustrated below. Program implentation involves both administrative and clinical strategies. Administrative strategies provide the foundation and operation for the program components.

Program components include:


The Prevention Education Series: An Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug prevention program conducted by the Project SUCCESS Counselor with small groups of students or in classrooms.


Individual and Group Counseling: Project SUCCESS Counselors conduct time limited individual and/or group counseling sessions at school with students. There are ten different counseling groups for students to participate in.


Parent Programs: Project SUCCESS includes parents as collaborative partners in prevention through parent education programs.


Referral: Students and parents who require treatment, more intensive counseling, or other services are referred to appropriate community based agencies or practitioners by their Project SUCCESS Counselors.


School-Wide Awareness Activities: Conducted monthly with student participation to influence attitudes and norms about substance and related high risk behaviors.  

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