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Program services offer a community based cross age mentoring model, called the Unitas Therapeutic Community Model and a School Based Model, both offering a preventative and treatment component. 

Symbolic Family Caretaker Network

All youth, older and younger are linked together in a design that simulates functional family life which we refer to as a "symbolic family." In this simulated family, older youth serve as "caretakers" or "mentors" to younger youth as older siblings would to younger siblings in natural family life. 

​Therapeutic Play 
Since children communicate their needs primarily through play, such experiences of an athletic, artistic, fun and educational nature are provided for by linking caretakers and at risk children in play relationships which supports emotional growth. 
Family Circle 

The Family Circle is a socio-therapeutic group experience which aims to build social skills; provide nurturance , and a sense of discipline; and to inculcate the values of unity, cooperation, communication and mutual helpfulness through storytelling and socio drama.

Caretaker Training and Supervision

Essential to the viability of the caretaker/mentoring system is the provision of training and in vivo supervision of the older youth in order to function as nurturing "symbolic parents" for the community children and each other.

Summer Play Street

For several weeks during the summer, Unitas offers an on street program, similar to its in school community program, in a neighborhood space which provides an intense therapeutic experience for children and caretakers.

Positive Alternatives 

Evening programs, stressing physical stress reduction experiences and discipline, such as zumba classes and martial arts, are offered to children, youth and adults within the community.

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